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Interesting: "Expedited No Fly List . . . Clearance" link on front of TSA website

Expedited No Fly List and Selectee List Clearance Procedures

We recognize that some passengers experience frustrating delays obtaining boarding passes at airports because they may have a name that is the same as, or similar to, that of a person who is on a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) watch list. We developed a procedure to expedite the watch list clearance procedures and ask that passengers who experience these delays submit information to TSA, including select personal documents, so that we may formally verify that their identity is distinct from persons on a TSA watch list. Please note that this process focuses on individuals who experience delays in receiving a boarding pass or are subjected to additional screening every time they pass through a TSA checkpoint. This procedure will not affect other standard screening procedures currently in effect at security screening checkpoints, and airlines may still require a brief period of time to comply with identity verification requirements at the ticket counter prior to issuing a boarding pass.

This is How the Process Works

Who may apply for help from this process?

This process only applies to a passenger who has been delayed as a result of the No Fly List or Selectee List clearance procedures when checking in for a boarding pass.

Who to contact

Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Office of the Ombudsman, at any one of the following:

Office of the Ombudsman
TSA Headquarters
601 South 12th Street Ė West Tower, TSA-22
Arlington, VA 22202
Toll-free: (866) 289-9673
Email: [email protected]
How the Process Works

* A passenger may contact the Office of the Ombudsman as specified above if delayed when checking in for a boarding pass due to the No Fly List or Selectee List clearance procedures.
* The Office of the Ombudsman will ask the passenger to explain what happened to ensure that the type of delay encountered may be addressed by these procedures. Once the Office of the Ombudsman confirms that the personís experience may be addressed by these procedures, TSA will send a Passenger Identity Verification Form to the passenger for completion and return.
* TSA requests that the person submit a completed Passenger Identity Verification Form to TSA at the address shown on the TSA letter provided. This information may aid TSAís ability to expedite the personís check-in process for a boarding pass. Please note that except in the case of minor children, only the person seeking expedited No Fly List and Selectee List clearance procedures may submit the Passenger Identity Verification Form. The personal information requested on the Passenger Identity Verification Form consists of two parts:
o The first part includes: name; current address; gender; place of birth; date of birth; social security number; height; weight; hair color; eye color; and home and work telephone numbers.
o The second part requires the person to submit notarized copies of at least three of the following documents: passport (including number and country); visa (including number and place of issuance); birth certificate (including number and place of issuance) Ė if you select to use this document, it must be a certified copy of the original; naturalization certificate; certificate of citizenship; voter registration card; military discharge paper; driverís license (including number and State of issuance); government identity card (city, State, or Federal); or military identification card.
* The Passenger Identity Verification Form also requires that the passenger sign and date the submission under: (i) a Privacy Act notice that explains the purpose and routine use of the information provided by the person; and (ii) a statement attesting to the truthfulness of the information and that knowingly and willfully making any materially false statement, or omission of a material fact, can be punished by fine, imprisonment, or both pursuant to title 18 of the United States Code, section 1001.
* TSA will review the submission and reach a determination of whether these procedures may aid in expediting a passengerís check-in process for a boarding pass.
* If the clearance procedures will aid in expediting the personís check-in process, TSA will contact the appropriate parties, such as the airlines, to help streamline this process for the passenger. TSA will also notify the passenger in writing of its finding. While TSA cannot ensure that these clearance procedures will relieve all delays, the procedures should facilitate a more efficient check-in process.
* Passengers who have received TSAís written notification that the check-in process for a boarding pass has been streamlined should be aware that clearance at the check-in counter is ultimately based on the information that TSA provides to the airlines; not the notification letter.
* If a passenger continues to encounter delays in the issuance of a boarding pass during flight check-in, please contact TSA at: (866) 289-9673, or e-mail: [email protected].

Nothing new here except TSA having the guts to put it on the front page of their website. Rather than starting with "We recognize that some passengers" it should be "We deeply apologize and regret that some passengers," but that's a nit pick.

Still a lot of question as to if the "clearance" process does any good.

Also interesting that TSA recognizes the Privacy Act impilcations of this clearance process as indicated in the text although they continue to fail to do so when an ETD alarms.
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