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Originally Posted by BluesClue
Um actually Mike, I personally know THREE private marine surveyers, who are all either retired Coast Guard or in 1 case, a CG reservist. I know several other MSO types who plan to go into Marine survey upon retirement. I bet if you were to google it, you'd fine USCG experience in the background of many in your trade. It's a natural progression from the "M" field.
Not to beat a dead horse, but I specialize in displacement draft surveys a sub-field in the marine surveying field.
The reason why there are not many CG in that area is that most of the initial experience is garnered in being the chief officer on a bulk cargo vessel.
( container vessels grant you pitifully little such experience)
But since the US merchant marine is non-existent there are very, very few native born/raised US officers moving into that field.

I bet that in surveying well over 300 ships per year I have not worked a single US flagged or manned vessel in 12 years.


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