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Originally Posted by Dangling_Participle

I find it interesting to see so many ignorant folks blathering on ad nauseum, when they don't even have the most basic facts correct.

Speaking of comprehension problems, there's a stellar example. Since when does the INS have maritime jurisdiction? Ohright. Since NEVER. Ergo, the United States Coast Guard being the primary agency charged with maritime immigration interdiction duties.
Originally Posted by dovster
In fact, I seem to know as little about the Coast Guard as you do about, well, almost anything.
Did ya miss the part about where I taught History and Social Studies..or were ya busy dreaming of me getting felt up in the Airport in Tel Aviv on your personal say so….

Here are more pearls of your own wisdom you need to heed....

Originally Posted by dovster
Harry Truman once said, "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen." We're not asking you to get out of the kitchen, but if you can't stand the heat I suggest not throwing lit matches onto kindling.
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