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Well, totally off topic, but here we go...

The last thing we need to be doing is inspecting every container coming into the country (Kerry advocated this in his campaign). Not only would that be a complete waste of resources, it would also draw every major port to a complete stop.

The current policy of a 96 hour advance notice of arrival (vs. 24 hrs pre 9/11), coupled with the vsl boardings/document checks/dangerous cargo manifest verification/and crew list validation that we employ for Foreign Freight Vessels is more than sufficient.

High interest shipping (e.g., tankers, cruise ships, vsls carrying "death acid", etc) is boarded outside the sea buoy and escorted to the pier anyway.

The attention any ship receives (based on profiling) is made well before it's arrival. By the time the vsl ties up, there's time to focus on things like lifeboat drills, spot checking containers and ensuring the vsl meets international standards. Not a bad compromise overall: mitigate the risk without putting everyone in the industry out of business.

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