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Originally Posted by Gargoyle89
I think your view of what the Coast Guard does is a little simplistic. I realize you work within the maritime field but to judge the Coast Guard as a whole, on what you've observed at your port doesn't hold much water with me. You can never judge a whole organization by the acts of a few. You can't judge all port security around every port, by one port city.

If you believe the CG is doing such a horrid job of port security what would be your suggestion? As I see it, the CG does a great job especially with the resources and man power they have. It's a bit difficult to do a job with no money and no people. I would say the CG does a bit more then stumble over things.
Hey simplistic it may be, but did you really want me to go into specfics?
I cannot help it if it holds no water with you I am not going to jump off the nearest bridge.

Sure the situation is different in each port, but it is well documented within the industry that the rules in place in Tampa are some of the most stringent in any US port, so I have a pretty good feel for the condition in other ports.
Reason: the Tampa area is the largest producer of phosphate fertilizers in the world, consequently there are large quantities of anhydrous ammonia stored in tank farms at some six locations within 3 miles as the crow files from downtown, plus almost daily, at least one vessel discharging such a cargo.( In case you dont know anhydrous ammonia is ammonia gas liquified under pressure and at kept at -34 deg C)
Can you imagine a bazooka ( not even a RPG yet) putting a hole in one these
tanks? Depending on the wind direction, casualties in the thousands.

So why is Guard spending most of their time on fire and lifeboat drills?

It might interest you to know my nephew was CG commandant for another major SE/Gulf port and is now based with their rapid response team at Fort Dix, we talk a lot ( he is so fed up he' s is retiring this year) I know a hell of a more than you might think about the USCG.

When you have some time let me tell you about the $10 million dollars spent on a container ship load of lemons from the Far East who some bright spark determined had bio-terrorist agents in the fruit, so dont tell me they dont have funds to work with.

This stuff makes box-cutters at your favorite airport childs play.


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