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I think your view of what the Coast Guard does is a little simplistic. I realize you work within the maritime field but to judge the Coast Guard as a whole, on what you've observed at your port doesn't hold much water with me. You can never judge a whole organization by the acts of a few. You can't judge all port security around every port, by one port city.

If you believe the CG is doing such a horrid job of port security what would be your suggestion? As I see it, the CG does a great job especially with the resources and man power they have. It's a bit difficult to do a job with no money and no people. I would say the CG does a bit more then stumble over things. You do understand that the CG does quite a bit more then port security don't you? You do understand that the man power they have, remains the same as before Sept. 11th when they were thrust into the main job of port security right? On top of which, the CG still does the other part of it's job of rescuing people, helping stranded boats, spill clean up, searching for who just spilled fuel or oil or what ever into the water, protecting the waters and coastlines, stopping drugs from coming into the country, stopping immigrants from sneaking into the country and various other jobs, too numerous to mention.

I fully understand your concern about port security. I still stand by my previous statement that the CG is doing a great job in a very difficult situation with a job that's still fairly new.

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