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Originally Posted by Gargoyle89
I am wondering if your opinion is just of the Coast Guard or of both customs and the Coast Guard. What about port security in general? I live near a port city. As far as I've seen the Coast Guard is doing their part. They did a piece on the security of the ports though, the part the Coast Guard isn't in charge of and that side of it left a whole lot to be desired. What more is the Coast Guard supposed to do? Are you making these observations from an inside perspective or the outside?

I will respond to your post and ignore the subsequent posts of the D.P. character.
I just happen to work in the marine field and my job descriptiion " marine surveying" within that field, though my job speciality is to perform displacement draft surveys = to claculate the cargo loaded/discharged on large bulk carriers and some LPGs 20000 to 100000 metric tons in size.

I survey upwards of 350 ships a year ( for the last 25 years) most of these vessels require between 2 to 8 surveys each.

I see both the US Coast Guard and DHS in operation sometimes upward of 10 times a day. I observe them when they come the ships doing some god awful ridiculous things. Even now despite the so called hieghtened security they are more interested in finding Cuban cigars or drugs.
Drop a little plastic bag with sugar in a passage way, as happened on one of my ships last week and they go ballistic ( hey its white it MUST be cocaine )

The Coast Guard spends most of their time clocking the number of minutes its takes a bunch of Greeks or Chinese to launch a lifeboat.
If they find anything of interest its because they literally stumble over it.
Seeing what do on a daily basis with what I know about ships its all a complete waste of time and resources.

Do I think our ports will ever become secure? Never in a million years.


P.S. hey D.P. get your spell checker out, there aught to be something you are good at.

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