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Originally Posted by PatrickHenry1775
What is TSA doing at ports? If screening of entering cargo and containers is actually occurring, then there may be some hope that TSA will play a meaningful role in security. Has anyone heard or read anything about TSA and ports?
For your information screening of cargo and containers are being done except that it being done by the Dept HSI ( formerly know as US customs) and the Coast Guard.
The TSA when they do actually enter the marine/port security aspect will be screening vehicles and individuals entering and leaving the secured areas of the major ports.

Tampa has constructed a $10.5 million entrance/access to some of the major port areas which now sits idle while the TSA tries to figure out how to implement a pass system which will give ready access to users.

The TSA in charge of actual port cargo/crew inspections will NEVER EVER ever happen. That job is well beyond their present and potential capabilities.

Even now the Coast Guard and customs IMHO do such an awful and ridiculously substandard job and they have expertise ( and somewhat intelligent personnel) which the TSA will never in a million years aquire.

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