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Originally Posted by FWAAA
Unbelievable. ... any talk of increasing taxes on air travel is just plane moronic.
User-pay. Imagine that!

I would be glad to see air travelers cover a larger share of the costs we create.

Today, user fees fall far short of covering operating and capital costs for the TSA's passenger screening service.

Having a separately-stated fee or tax that covered the full cost of each service would actually help keep costs down. This is because the costs would be completely visible to the consumer -- who could then take action.

Canada's air traffic control system is a good example. This arm's-length operation is supported entirely by user fees. Most Canadian airlines pass the fees on to consumers, in the form of an explicit surcharge. There is strong pressure to keep costs down, and indeed, NavCan is less expensive than the prior arrangement.

It's funny to see so much whining about a $3 TSA fee increase.

1. Do travelers want to go back to the old system, where airlines awarded screening contracts to the lowest bidder, which in turn hired screeners at minimum wage?

2. Do taxpayers realize how much -- and in how many different ways -- they're paying for commercial aviation, even if they don't fly much?

3. Do travelers realize how much they're paying toward bloated airport operating budgets? The Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) is just for capital. At one major US airport, I found that landing fees, rent, concessions and other related operating revenues amounted to $33 per passenger!

When costs are hidden, you can't make choices.

Paul Marcelin-Sampson
Santa Cruz, California

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