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Originally Posted by Bart
This also should include a serious look at the benefits, if any, of paying for advanced technologies. The walk-thru puffer that everyone seems to advocate may not be necessary if the same results could be accomplished by ETD sampling of hands, shoes and belt buckles as part of secondary screening. These "puffers" are quite expensive, and if the only return we are getting from them is the convenience of people not having to remove shoes or coats, then we're not being very smart about this.....
I have to strongly disagree here. The return of passenger convenience is a huge benefit that would make the entire screening process faster, more efficient, less stressful and more accurate than the current system. The dividends of this change are both tangible and intangible - not only would some lost business return to the market, but there would be a better allocation of staff resources at the checkpoints if the technological systems were able to process customers faster, easier and with better accuracy.

I am very troubled by any TSA mindset that considers passenger convenience, comfort, or respect to be something dangerous to the process or an annoying inconvenience that we should 'get over'. WE the passengers are PAYING the security fee, therefore the fee should be used to both enhance security and benefit us in balance. It is OUR money.
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