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Intl Roaming: ATT 3 months, Cingular 6 months!!!

I have had the same cellular service since the beginning of time! In 1988, I signed up with Cellular One, then ATT took over my account, now it's Cingular although my lines are still on the ATT side of the merged company.

I have 4 phone lines with them, bill is always $200+/month. I took a GSM phone to the Cingular store, said I wanted to switch one of my TDMA lines to the GSM phone, that I was going out of the country (today) and wanted to use it.

They said that if I kept it on the ATT side, it would take 90 days before I could roam internationally. If I switch it over to Cingular, it would take 6 months. Apparently it's because they're concerned about fraud. I was flabbergasted! I was also in a rush so just brought my phone home and will buy a SIM chip in the country where I'm going. But my parents are frail, and I would like to keep the same # so they can just call it wherever I am in the world if they need me.

Does this make sense? I thought I would call Cingular today and ask if they want me to take all of my lines to another carrier, which I probably will if they can't fix me up with immediate international roaming. Well, I might give them a week...... The irony is that I work for one of their competitors and folks @ work sometimes razz me that I don't have "our" service.
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