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Originally Posted by UScolorado1k
Ok, I broke down and got the Softphone add on (I'm using it right now!!). I learned a lesson though (although it was a "well, DUH" once I thought about it). My laptop has speakers but no microphone, so I bought one of those desk-top microphones. People on the other end were complaining about an echo on the line and I finally figured it out. Due to latency, they were hearing their voices out of the speakers on my laptop and through the microphone!! As soon as I plugged in my bose headphones, it went away.

Now my next question, what kind of headsets are people using with softphone? I need one that is relatively cheap, but packs well. Any ideas?

I feel kind of stupid sitting here with my bose headphones on and using my cheapie microphone!

For VOIP I use a Plantronics USB headset:

With its DSP and noise cancelling microphone I get the best possible quality.
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