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Originally Posted by Flying_Duck
Now theres an idea!! Delta could implement an inventory system that assured that all the coins collected under the seat cushions made it to a central office where they were equally distributed into glass jars the number of which corressponded to the number of phone agents. Through a formalized distribution system, these jars would then be placed on the desk-space in the cubicle of each agent. In situations like the one reported by the OP, they could, like is done all the time in 7-11's all over the country, take the dime from the jar, fill out a cash-payment form and submit that and the dime as payment to the government.

I mean, it seams that this will fit right into the way Delta and other legacy carriers conduct business!!
This would work, but a few considerations have to be thought about... Since this is "cash" their needs to be an audit trail. Every time any coins are used there would have to be paperwork. What about international coins... do Canadian coins go to call centers in Canada and Indian coin to India. Can DL possibly manage FX hedging (they don't seem to do as well as WN does in fuel hedging...). Perhaps DL can start an entire new department to count their pennies and trim back the FF program to cover the expected looses from saving money.
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