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Originally Posted by sluggoaafa
I'm sure most people who would like to use them, i.e. the business traveler, would have good credit and they wouldn't have to worry about cancelled or maxed-out cards.
I may be completely out to lunch on these, but I don't see business travelers lining up to spend $10 to $12 on these. In fact, as gee-whiz as they sound, I don't see the revenue adding up to a hill of beans for AA. I just don't see it worth the bother. But, if AA can rent these to 10% of its pax each year ($100 million in revenue), and if that revenue covers the expenses, then more power to AA.

Perhaps someone at AA thinks that these devices may draw more high-yield pax to AA. If so, I think they are certifiable, but I'd probably be wrong.

After all, given the oft-repeated mantra that MRTC was a failure (it didn't attract enough high-yield pax to cover the estimated $90 million of foregone revenue), I can't see lots of high-yield customers flocking to AA for the chance to pay $10 to $12 for inflight entertainment.

Don't get me wrong - they sound really cool. Several newspapers, several movies, some tv, etc. Neat. But worth all the energy invested in these? I doubt it.
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