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Originally Posted by 747kona
I'm hoping to use the companion certificate for me (status) + 1 adult (status) + an infant (no status). My goal is to get upgraded but if we don't get upgraded, I want the infant to have a paid seat so we take up the whole section of 3.... few questions:

Assuming the infant had a "paid" seat via the cert:
1. I believe this is a "no", but would all 3 of us be on the upgrade list since there's 2 people in the PNR with status?
2. Would the best path to maximize upgrade chances be to split away the adult and have me + the infant on a PNR?
3. If me + the infant do get the upgrade, would it be possible to then essentially treat the infant as a lap infant in F with the two adults in seats in F?
4. If 3 is a"yes", how would the remaining seat in Y be treated? I don't want them to mark as a no show or not flown and cancel the remaining itinerary.
good and complicated questions. I donít know authoritatively but these would be my guesses.

1) Iíve been told in the past when booking these that the cardholder needs to be the paid ticket. Iím not sure this is real policy or enforced by the system but the agent did tell me that.
2) my understanding is that officially these tickets are not eligible for upgrade but in practice UDU do work as they do for normal paid tickets.
3) I believe you must split the record for the system to process upgrades properly given the nature of your traveling party. And I believe the only way to do that would be to have the infant and adult on the record where you are hoping to be upgraded. That would also leave the other status adult eligible to be upgraded as well so theoretically you might be able to be lucky and get three upgrades.
4) I think if the infant were under two you could probably talk to the flight attendant upon boarding and explain the situation (3 paid tickets, two in F one in Y) and Iím guessing the FAs wouldnít have a problem with it. If itís an RJ they might not be as lenient because weight and balance is more sensitive in the small planes.

good luck and let us know how it turns out, hoping you get 3 upgrades! It would also be interesting to see if the second status adult shows eligible for upgrades or not (I could picture the possibility the full fare adult and companion get on the upgrade list as a side effect of the full fare ticket but the second companion fare is restricted from upgrades).
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