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Originally Posted by AArlington
Do government employees/affiliated types give up their right to question senseless government security?

Or did you mean by the nature of working for the government, one should be desensitized to senseless actions and this not get tired of them?
screeners have a job to do. some gov't employees probably think they are exempt, or otherwise privelidged when going through security. lots of people can, and do question "senseless government security". one individual who announced that he worked for the army, stated that his bags don't need to be checked. he made a big scene... and generally tried to make the procedure as painful as possible for all involved.

you can question procedures et all... but what's the point of trying to sidestep steps that we all know all too well? if you know what's coming, either comply or turn around and don't fly.

just a tangent. statement in general...