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So here's the update after calling the EC again to discuss...

First of all, of course I didn't mean people were deliberately not passing on the info, just those who had it hadn't logged on, seen thread, hadn't replied, etc..

The important stuff is that the deeply discounted fare classes have now been excluded from MFU. These were T in WT+ & I in CW. Only the flexible classes W, D & J may now be upgraded using miles. This apparently changed last week and is a drag for me because one of mine was T class, but the other is full J.

The good news is that the first person I spoke to was wrong: it does not take 3 days to process. Can be done on the 'phone immediately and without charge, up to three days before departure.

As regards 3rd party booking, my situation, and I'd guess a good proportion of others', is that I frequently do not make my own bookings. This means they have to be MFU'ed later. Wonder how long before they can accept bookings made via agencies, etc. and not just from BA direct.

Hope all that helps. Cheers, D.
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