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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Dakota:
BooBooToo: Have done. They say takes 72 hrs, but, as I said above, that means there's a risk that MFU availability goes between ticketing and upgrade. Was interested in others' experiences of this, but it looks like either no-one's done it (which seems highly unlikely) or they're not telling. Strange...</font>
I doubt very much if people are "not telling". FT'ers are a very helpful bunch and would have nothing to gain by keeping it a secret. I suspect that the reason no -one is responding is that no FT'er has used Miles to Upgrade a 3rd Party ticket.

There has been much debate about upgrading non-direct BA bookings, and the general consensus was that the rules were unclear about this. Some have been told that only flights booked on-line or direct with BA can be upgraded.

Do you have to book through the 3rd party?

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