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Oh I know that old broiler Raine ever so well. I stopped the arrogant old slapper walking up from WT (for which she had paid) to use the CW lavs for which she had not.

I directed her back and she tried to pull the "you probably do not know who I am" in the tone usually reserved for an imbecilic foreign child.

I said "No I don't and in all honestly care even less Madam"

Merry Be Proud of me. I really thought that I had gone too far that time. I gather (wonder if it was one of you) that some man from CW heard the whole exchange, recognised the hair do and wrote in complimenting me for keeping the "pseudo aristo" riff-raff out of the cabin that he had paid good money for!

Lone Arranger. Yes, I truly would love to meet any of you. I am however very reserved about doing so, particularly in the light of recent and most unpleasant events on this Board. I am sure that you will find trillions of threads. This is not personal, it is my Garbo mentality.
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