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We got thrown out of The Grosvenor, due to a slight altercation in the restaurant one night.

We were in Chez Nico, and they positioned our white wine about 300 yards away from the table. Now I like to be able to lay my hands on wine myself, I am quite able to pour a glass of wine when I have the urge, but get frsutrated when I am waiting for a waiter to do it for me (yet alone a stuck up vintner).

Anyway, I asked for the bottle to be moved next to or onto the table and they refused.

I was miffed, so asked for the Manager, who also refused and had clearly already decided we were not the kind of clientelle they wanted.

Then they took the food order and asked what I wanted to accompany my meat (I have no recolection of the type of meat), I said "chips". They said, and I quote, "would Sir like tomato sauce to go with that". I replied "sir would not" and ask for the Manager again.

Anyway things progressed and the place got busy... we ordered more wine and again asked for it to be near the table and were told "no" again.

No my dander was up.

A little while later I became aggitated at having waited 20 minutes to have an empty glass of wine refilled - the waiters had clearly decided to ignore us. So I got up minced across the restaurant and retrieved said bottle of wine.

All was well until the Manager came over to remove the wine, I made a defensive move and the bottle went flying across the table smashing a couple of glasses ang generally casuing more havoc than you would think possible.

At this stage the Manager said he thought it was best if we were to leave - clearly the inference was at once - which we did (the food was pants anyway), but just as we reached the door Sim decided to go back for the red wine (which had not falled victim to my lack of hand-eye coordination). He was blocked by the Manager and a waiter, which he did not appreciate and told in his loudest "to get out of his blasted way". They did, but they also called Security, who very kindly suggested we would be better off staying somewhere else.

Sim told them we would check out in the morning and wished them goodnight. Now that should have been the end of it, but as we were leaving the next day, we bumped into the Wicked witch of the West (aka Raine Spencer) just coming out of the hairdressers at the entrance. Now Sim knows said Countess as he one of the Spencer family seats Langton Hall (Bobby Spencers home, before he flogged it) is just up the road from our house (in fact we will be a the Langton Arms pub very shortly).

Anyhow, after some banter Raine invites us to join her at the bar, by which time the Hotel Manager has appeared and is positively gushing to his wigged and yet strangly bearded guest. Sim replies - more to the manager than Acid - that we are not welcome. We were assured we were most welcome and that he was sorry for any misunderstanding, drinks would of course be on the house.

We relented and drunk alot. We haven't been there since.

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