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I'm surprised you thought the Inter-Conti was decent; personally I preferred the Mayfair Inter-Conti [RIP] (The fact that I was asked, totally out of the blue, by two different ladies to join them in their rooms for "drinks" on the same evening has got to be a plus point [Sadly I had to decline, ball and chain...]). How on earth did you manage to get Turfed out? It's not exactly like they have high standards...

If your heart is at the Hilton, there isn't much I can say (Apart from: 'Have you tried Browns?'). When I was temporarily homeless in April I didn't stay at the PL Hilton quite simply because they charged the same as Claridges!


PS. I thought the Grosvenor House was a dump [Again - how on earth did you get kicked out; the place is a hole]; although it can now claim infamy as a feature...

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