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I know... I know... I know...

I can't help it. Evening apperetif at Windows on the World; dinner at Trader Vic's; hair at the Savoy and lunch time drinkies at the Waldorf.

I know I should try harder and do better, but I just can't stand fussy white-glove treatment.

I like "Hello Mr Merry, there are some extra diet cola's in your room and we have take the liberty of booking you a table at 8.30pm if that is OK?".

I have tried I really have, I tried to build a relationship with the Dorchester, but it just didn't suit us. I do use the Ritz for some business stuff, but the lifts are to small and the telephones to complicated. I am to tempted to steal the decorations from the rooms (Park Lane corner-suite) at the Grosvenor House (also we got thrown out). I was thrown out of the decent Intercontinental. There is never room at the bar in Blake's. The County Hall Marriott is run by idiots and far to expenseive for what you get. The London Marriott is a cross between the American Embassy and a young offenders centre. The Waldorf is full of salesmen on a daytrip. There is to much cigar smoke at the Lanesborough. The Mandarin Oriental doesn't serve any of the Cognac's Sim Likes (Hennessy Paradis Extra at a push; Richard Hennessy is the preferred choice - we are very palsy with The Hon James H you know).

I could go on... but the Hilton, just does it for me. The bar is great, they know me, the restaurant is a dive and the clientelle are 'D' list at best.

But best of all our friend Lucy de Beer drinks there - a finer alcholic old slapper you couldn't wish to meet.
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