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Darling, are you no longer talking to me? Is it something I said? Is it something that I did?

OK..Beauty tips. I actually have shortish hair so I really do not use a lot of hair spray. I buy all my products at the hair dresser so they are all salon strength. You need a decent hairbrush - Mason Pearson is the best. You need to use a shampoo that is not full of conditioner - they are rubbish and actually make the hair go an odd colour due to product build up.

Use a very light conditioner (spray from L'oreal which I cannot remember as I'm away on a trip) and use a good volumise. If you are like Him Indoors an making one hair do the work of 5 you should find that works. You bascally do not want static to build up and that will stop what's left of your hair looking like a wig from a Witch's cut-price fright-night shop.

I swear by products from Goldwell. Never use spray cans on board - get a pump action (you'll know all about that Choppa pet) container. I cannot tell you more as I will give you a Pucci secret. We have to lug so many beauty aids (you know eye-liner, shadow, mascara, Lourdes Water (we allneed a little magic sweetheart and somedays they do work miracles). I read in the Evening Standard about Superdrug selling little pots and bottles to put creams, shampoos, and spray stuff (conditioner) for about 50p each. They are so useful take up little space and weight and are just refilled on my return home. I wish that Dental floss came in a clear plastic container so that you can see how much is left! (Why don't they?), and the hygenist slips me samples of Colgate which means that I do not have to cart large toothpasts around.

Sim is not allowing me to use Silvikrin anymore.

Now, Merry Haddock my Angel, I know that you are naturally bashful (sorry I was interrupted by a flock of blue pigs flying past the window). Do you really do what Sim tells you?
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