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Darling, suppose we all said "No" and on a technicality I could do. We used tohave someone here who used to live in Villiers Road which is not far from me, and we used to swap notes about the place.

I will tell you this that a friend of mine, with whom I trained worked, as a Medical Secretary down in Guildford. She had a very persistent man down thelephone who had a wart or some other charming thing on a particualr part of his anatomy. He was told that he had to see a Doctor.

"You a Nurse?" he snapped from nowhere.

"Yes, I am actually" my friend replied thinking as she did that this was no a good thing to have said.

" can have a look at it, you'll know Nurses you've seen them things loads of time"

"No You must see a Doctor"

"No, you'll do, I'll come down and show you now"

"No, you must be examined by a Doctor"

"No, I'll bring it over, you'll be all right. You're no afraid nor nothing is yer?"

"No, but it is a Doc"

"Dont't give me that you seen them things loads of time and mine's better than most and it's clean. I know all about you Nurses you're all hard to get and then you..."

"Please see the Doctor" my friend kept saying

It was lunchtime and she was alone in the surgery, and she was afraid. He did come, and so did the police. I gather that the Policewoman constable was also invited to perfor, this task, and he ended up in handcuffs.

This is a long way around the dangers of answering too quickly!
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