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Originally Posted by smoothtakeoffbumpylanding
hmmMMm, i was going to switch from Comcast HSI to Verizon DSL, mainly due to cost and since my $20/month for 6 months offer is almost over

any idea if this happens ONLY with mail coming into a verizon email account?

What if foreign email is sent to a third party email account like gmail or hotmail or a business email but checked via Thunderbird or web mail .. will it still get through? I'm thinking yes ..
I'm thinking you're right. This will have been done on Verizon's mail servers. The people it affects particularly badly will be those who've had the same email address for a long time and who deal with a lot of people outside of the US. I've had my Hotmail address for almost as long as Hotmail has been around. If Microsoft were to decide tomorrow to greatly restrict inbound mail, this would be bad for me!
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