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Originally Posted by HeHateY
..... And I suspect I may have a lawsuit against Verizon for potential lost income?

Actually, you do not have a lawsuit. The Internet is a "best effort" network. There are no gaurantees reguarding data delivery. There are some large ISPs that offer SLAs for data delivery on their portion of the public Internet, however those SLA become null when traffic crosses a transit or peering circuit with another ISP (i.e Global ISP to VZ.) Asssuming you did have some SLA, which are generally offered by ISPs on B.F.Ps to corporations not end users, The remedies are always less than one months recurring charges. If you do more research you find large ISPs always do some sort of filtering to circumvent spam or worms. Policies change rather dynamically to deal with all the script kiddies so filters come and go from time to time. Email is one thing, you should try troubleshooting links when they start prepending route advertsiments due to DOS.

In the end it is caveat emptor. Read and understand your end user agreement with your ISP. Althoughm ou may be on to something for filling lawsuits for potential lost income. I am pondering a suit against my local lottery for potential lost income. I mean, potentially I could have won millions had they just picked my numbers......

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