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Did this ex VIE a couple of weeks ago. All worked very smoothly.

There are two possible options: purchase in Uk or in LIS.

It is worth ringing up BA here and asking what the fare would be if ticketed here.

I held the seats as you did and when I rang BA here, the fare was the same. HOWEVER the rules were not precisely identical as a London stopover (available if ticketed in VIE) was not permitted if ticketed here. BA did not know why but thats what the system said (odd as the Expedia quote/rules for issue here did show stopovers in London possible - see below)

If you very carefully put the exact same flight segments into Expedia UK, it may come up with the correct fare so you can get it ticketed here by them (it probably wont do this if you just put in LIS-JFK-LIS). This is very useful to look at as it gives a very good guide to all the fare rules (not 100% accurate however - see above)

I had it ticketed in VIE as I needed the London stopover. No probs with paying in person with a UK CC (BA wanted to see some ID but you will obviously have your passport). The only oddity was that because I was including a stopover in London they could not issue as an eticket and had to issue as a paper ticket.

As you cannot get the flight ticketed abroad unless physically present in LIS with your CC, what you need to do is ring BA in Lisbon and ask them to extend your reservation 'option' on the seats until the day you are able to come over and pay. BA in VIE had no probs doing this for me as it was a Business class (D) booking. I picked my ticket up early on the day of the flight in town but you may need to tell them you want a ticket on departure.

I would not worry too much about the double booking. Only potential problem is if the BA computer picks up bookings for same name and/or EC no. on different flights for the same day, which could cause some problems although I am not sure if the system does pick this up and what they do about if it does.

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