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Originally Posted by travis bickle
good day,

depends on how you count.
this is from the nypd web site ( -

How many police officers are there in NYPD?
There are currently 39,110 police officers in NYPD. This is the total number of Police Officers, Detectives, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, Deputy Inspectors, Inspectors, Deputy Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, and Bureau Chiefs budgeted for fiscal year 2003.

and here is the information on the "iraqi security forces", as written by joe galloway (, dated Oct 6, 2004) -
A senior American military offer, who asked that he not be named, told me this week that at present we have 230,000 Iraqi security and military forces in uniform. This number will top 250,000 within another month or so.

so, kerik has had to handle a somewhat large bureaucracy that is subject to scrutiny by the pols. the only question is, "what type of system will a cop implement/use overlooking security at a national level?"
Thanks for the information.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. He did a reasonably good job in NYC and running a 39,000 man organization which, if anything, at least provided him an opportunity to acquire some administrative skills. Whether those skills were acquired or not or whether they bear fruit on the national level depends on lots of other factors.

[Sidebar: Some of the numbers and information given by the Pentagon should be taken with a serious grain of salt. Amongst the numbers that are purposefully being padded or muddled as part of psy ops is the dissemination of false information regarding the size of the Iraqi security services and Iraqi National Army in particular. I doubt if in May 2004 the INA (not the security services in total) was more than double the size of the NYPD. The Iraqi police forces were a much higher priority than the Iraqi Army for much of the last 19 months and it's apparent enough what our money there has bought us. According to Kurdish leaders, the number of Kurdish peshmerga militia "security forces" exceeds the size of all the Iraqi security services if their contributions were removed from those numbers.]
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