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To sum up...

(150% Miles, 150% EQM)
A Full Fare First
C - Business on Caribbean, Latin American, Pacifc markets with no BF cabin
D First, First with International Connection
J - Full Fare BusinessFirst
Z - Discounted First or BusinessFirst or Business

(100% Miles, 150% EQM)
Y - Full Fare Coach
AU - Y Fare that has been upgraded at time of ticketing
H - Discounted Full Fare Coach

(100% Miles, 100% EQM)
K - Coach
N - Coach
B - Coach
O - Discounted Coach
V - Discounted Coach
U - Discounted Coach

(100% Miles, 50% EQM)
Q - Discounted Coach
I - Deep Discounted Coach
S - Deep Discounted Coach
W - Deep Discounted Coach
T - Deep Discounted Coach
X - Deep Deep Discounted Coach
L - Deep Deep Discounted Coach

** S, T, L are discounted coach itineraries that include connections. They are not used for non-stop itins from EWR, IAH, CLE**
** I, W, X are only available on CO metal, not codeshares**

AU - Y Fare that has been upgraded at time of ticketing, earns 150% EQMs
R - Elite First Upgrade - Milage and EUA

E - First, Business, BusinessFirst Reward
EG Platinum BF Reward
F - Platinum Elite BusinessFirst Reward / special BF Reward (e.g. increased availability for HNL/GUM/Asia residents)
M Elite Coach Reward
G - Non-Elite / Elite Coach Reward or Bump Cert, Coach Certificate (Fly 3)

YN economy
P First/BusinessFirst

:-: :-: :-: Upgrade Processing Priority :-: :-: :-:
  1. Priority of fares for EUAs:
    1. Platinum/Gold/Silver on a Y fare upgraded, assuming space, at time of ticketing
    2. Passengers holding unconfirmed reward upgrades starting 5 days before flight
    3. Platinums starting 5 days before flight H,K,N,B,O,V,U,Q,I,S,W,T,X,L
    4. Golds, starting 3 days before flight H,K,N,B,O,V,U,Q,I,S,W,T,X,L
    5. Silver, starting one day before flight H,K,N,B,O,V,U,Q,I,S,W,T,X,L
  2. Priority for airport upgrades:

Chances are that most elites, regardless of tier, booked in Y will snag their upgrade at the time of ticketing and not wait for the EUA or airport standby lists.

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