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Originally Posted by underpressure
I am fairly sure he is a nice guy, but does he have the experience and political savy to run the largest agency in DC (Outside of the pentagon)?

I just don't think so.
good day,

hard to say. as the commissioner of police in nyc, he definitely has political savvy -- remember that is a political, civil service position and he was in it and had to work with politicians at all levels during the immediate aftermath of 9/11 [e.g., giulani, pataki, shrub, etc].

even without 9/11, he has had to work with the pols on a day-to-day basis running nyc's police dept -- not an easy task by any means when you consider all the aspects of that sort of job in a city which is constantly a major player in world events.

he started out as a military policeman, became a "cop on the beat", and rose to nyc police commissioner -- so, he more than likely has a couple of operating braincells; now i hope he can use them.

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