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Originally Posted by vfw614 View Post
Well, I was only quoting what two Finnair agents told me which I contacted because I was unable to make seat reservations online. Long story short: Finnair metal, therefore no free seat reservation with an AA-ticket as you generally have to pay for seat reservation on Finnair (except in Business Flex, if I am not mistaken). This simply is the "operating carrier rules apply" thing and nothing extraordinary. When I mentioned that others were apparently able to make seat reservations, they simply told me to take my complaint to AA and bugger off. Maybe different if you hold a certain status with oneworld, but this then has nothing to do with AA opb AY or the ticket you hold, but simply with your status.
So, AY’s seat selection policies, and has nothing to do with AA issuing the ticket. You would likely run into the same situation if BA or IB issued a ticket with AY flights in the same booking class, so this is not AA-specific. If you purchased a ticket from AA and it included AY flights booked in Business Flex, you would be able to reserve your seat free of charge.
Why are you writing things like “free seat reservation with an AA-issued ticket was not possible,” implying the problem lies with the ticket being issued by AA when it is AY that prevents you from reserving a seat for free?

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