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SQ to YYZ. Any chance??

Does anybody think that SQ will add YYZ to its route map anytime in the future? Is there someone that is aquainted with SQ personel and have asked them about a potential YYZ market? Is it more that SQ doesn't see Toronto as a profitable destination or is it more that they have difficulties getting government approval ? If SQ can fly SIN-EWR Nonstop then SIN-YYZ Nonstop should not be a problem. Or maybe SQ can get fifth freedom of rights to fly SIN-LHR-YYZ (Don't know how difficult it is to get that approved by the UK & Canadian gov.). All SQ has to do is extend flights 322/317 beyond LHR with the possibility of only needing one extra aircraft to do so for a daily service. Personally, I feel that its more of a gov. approval issue because if YYZ can be profitable to carriers like CX & KE, then it should apply to SQ as well. Afterall, Singapore & Canada are both former members of the British Commonwealth and there are many ties between the two nations politically & economically. No more flying through the US if SQ does indeed start a YYZ service which will be great news for many pax ^
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