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Originally Posted by FWAAA
Here's another news story about this incident demonstrating our current collective security insanity:


Of course, the Airport Director and the Sheriff's spokesman both claimed that everything was done correctly by the book in this case. If so, then why doesn't this happen to this guy everywhere he goes?

So everywhere else, the airport security staff has screwed up? Because that's the inference to be drawn from these statements.

We now have 429 airports with 44,000+ TSA employees all looking for bombs in empty haystacks. And we have some awfully eager searchers for those nonexistent bombs. They also have some allies in the eager bomb squad experts that always seem to agree that the device looks like a bomb. I'm not disputing that it probably looked like a bomb. But experience in this country should teach these people that It's Probably Not a Bomb and that there is almost ZERO risk in allowing the guy to open his suitcase and show them that it isn't a bomb.

What's very sad is the collective paranoia that has permeated our nation's airport security personnel that cause them to "clear the area" and forbid him from simply showing them that it IS NOT A BOMB.

Their response would be much more reasonable if, in fact, they had experience in actually encountering a real bomb at the airport. But as we all know, the TSA has yet to find a real bomb. Erring on the side of caution is a convenient excuse for their overeager response every time they encounter something that they think "looks like a bomb" on the screen.

This isn't security. This is hysteria.
But when we have found the real deal, we cant tell you!
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