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Originally Posted by Guy Betsy
You forgot the major ingredient in Char Kway Teow... HUM! (or shellfishlike creature that looks like a clam). The Richmond "Singapore Gourmet" serves their Char Kway Teow with mee and kway teow and they use HUM... although the canned variety. Unfortunately I can't cook Singaporean dishes as well as you can. My roots go back to Penang (but don't ask me to attempt the dishes there either...) I'm better at Maggie mee!

SQ's satay is OK. Best satay is still by MALAYSIA AIRLINES. Or from any flight ex-KUL. Hence even CX serves great satay on their ex-Malaysia flights.
I don't use Hum/Cockles. The local restaurant here serves it with them however....... I have taken CX on HKG-KUL in J before about 3 years ago, too bad I didn't have the satay as I was too tired.
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