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Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guy Betsy, you're making me crave S'pore food as well. I love Char Kway Teow (Heart Attack on a Plate), fried carrot cake, oyster cake, pepper crab and Satay, I have even learned how to make this myself at home and the peanut sauce. I can also make Char Kway Teow, but there is no way I can use that much oil. My mom taught me how to make the curry, oyster cake, fried noodles, and satay. I know how to make Pepper crab, but unfortunately the time I tried it, the crab pinched my finger, and the smell was in our house for days. I also love the yu sheng salad, but the restaurant near dosen't serve it, and I make it with my parents during CNY, or we have it with family when sometimes we go to HKG or SIN in CNY.

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