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Originally Posted by azepine00 View Post
Without getting into pros and cons I would note the end result - eg infections hospitalizations deaths are nearly identical in states from both ends of restrictions spectrum.
Whether those measures make you feel safer is your call...

Imo your biggest concerns will likely be throngs of ppl at touristy destinations expensive lodging and car rentals etc etc..
Thanks for all of the responses and I know the issue can be quite polarising, but it's all good advice - hotels seem reasonable but car hire is eye wateringly expensive! I'm not sure there is ever a time to avoid crowds at somewhere like Disney, but on the presumption that Covid is here to stay in some form, I think that is unavoidable for the forseeable.

I can work from the US/remotely if needed, we do have an office in NY so changing destination could be an option however I have travelled in the NE and the weather is a factor! We would be taking precautions to avoid testing positive mainly for travel purposes, so I have a slight concern that others aren't taking it as seriously, but I'm aware I'd be very unlucky to encounter someone deliberately trying to infect me!

In reading more of the thread it sounds like the situation in the US is similar to over here, but I do appreciate the personal experiences and opinions.
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