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Originally Posted by Mogeni
... I fly with SK/SQ.
I fly from Gothenburg on SK to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to
Brisbane via SIN. Since you need to put in your departure city
and Gothenburg isn't listed I would assume I can't use the service.

Would this be a correct assumption to make? Could I select my seats
on the two SQ flights without doing the whole check in procedure?

I think SQ internet check-in is only for SQ flights. I did MUC-LHR LH LHR-SIN-BKK SQ in the same ticket. I only could do internet check-in the SQ portion only. I had to do the regular check-in for my LH flight and got the BP for LH flight only. LH agent in MUC could not print the BPs for my LHR-SIN-BKK SQ flights. I had to go to the Transfer Desk at LHR T-3.
Based on this experience, you can do internet check-in for FRA-SIN-BNE, but not your SK flight.
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