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Originally Posted by Jenbel
And I really can't wait to see a 380 on the ground - I think its going to have a really large "wow" factor -
Oh, yes, it will definately produce a very large "wow" factor when finally introduced to the flying public. Adult frequent flyers will be glued to the airport windows, rather than their laptops.


The "wow" will be more of a "wow, that airplane is enormous, but it is so ugly... and fat! Oh my, it is going to fit between the gates? Thank goodness my signifigant other does not have such a figure, or we'd have problems fitting into our seats, even J."

On the other hand, the "wow" factor for the 747 has always been, "wow, that airplane is enormous, and look how beautiful it is. Look how it glides effortlessly like a swan to the gate. Sigh... if only my wife had legs as long and slender as those wings. / Sigh... if only my husband had that muscular and trim a torso."
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