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Originally Posted by KSinNYC
Okay, strange question (and moderator please feel free to move... wasn't sure where this should go)

Last week I went to the local passport office to have pages added to my passport. I filled out the form, paid the expedite fee, and included a return envelope. My passport, with 24 pages added, showed up a week later.

On the third page of the new pages, there is a seal and a clearly printed block of text which says "This passport was amended on October 25 2004 to add visa pages to passport number 000000000." However, 000000000 is not my passport number, it is my Social Security Number!

Has this ever happened to any of you? On the form, SSN is REQUIRED. There is a printed handout explaining the State Dept's statutory right to ask for this information. Has SSN become a new way of identifying travelers? (If so, I have SERIOUS privacy concerns about handing my passport to every hotel desk clerk.) Or do you think this is just an error and they typed the wrong number?
Nowaday DHS links passport numbers to SSNs and uses SSNs (especially on the backoffice/rootlevel side) for a variety of activities from validation of passports/identity to customs flagging/tagging.

It appears that the passportocrat messed up since the adding of passport pages overseas has not, in my limited experience, tacked on SSNs.
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