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Originally Posted by terenz
I would say Japanese passenger appear to be better coordinated and get to their seats, stow their luggage and be seated in a much faster and orderly manner than pax in other countries.
Yes. There is a very fair deal there, I think: rules are treated literally by everyone. Passengers take rules stated on their ticket and other regulations literally (including cabin luggage limitations and which row is boarding now), and in exchange airlines and train companies treat their schedules literally. If it says the gate will open at 10:20 it will open at 10:20 sharp. The gate girlies take a deep bow and proceed with the boarding.

I have flown a lot in Japan, and I am yet to see the frantic "idiots' ballet" where three ground staff at the gate run around like headless chickens with their Motorola walkie-talkies and expression of purpose on their faces.

Oh, and if there are four ticket windows at a railway station in a mountain resort of Nagano on Sunday morning, they all will be open. And at Haneda airport everyone on duty on time at ANA and JAL desks, not like flipping BA check-in at Gatwick North where shift time start of 0800 usually means that people will start arriving at 0810 and then start rummaging through their handbags and getting comfortable with no particular rush, and then half of the computers of course don't work or they cannot get them started up or whatever, and at about 0840 they actually start checking people in.

Also, the traditional warrior qualities and discipline of the Japanese help them to actually use their brain when locating their seats on a plane (e.g., they are familiar with the idea that row 20 usually follows row 21, seats letters follow each other alphabetically, and when you have about 50 people behind your back trying to get to their seats, it is perhaps not the best time to start rearranging the entire contents of your briefcase placed in overhead compartmenty with your a**e blocking the way).
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