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Originally Posted by nerdbirdsjc View Post
Let's be absolutely clear about WHY the 777X is rapidly proving to be a dud -- the type (esp the 779) offers zero upside over widebody a/c types currently in the marketplace. Boeing lists a seating capacity of just 414(!) seats (42J + 372Y) for the 779 -- this is due to the aircraft's design and door placements, and cannot be easily shifted upward. Realistically, with a sizable Premium Economy cabin AND some Economy Plus seating, the 779 will carry few/no more pax than today's 77Ws/A350s, and the 779 will carry a much higher price tag and a host of new tech headaches.

Oh, and the 779 has slightly LESS range than the prior generation 777-300ER!

One of the few things UA has gotten right in its fleet planning is staying far away from the 777X.
779 is more a 744 replacement... 414 seats is a huge aircraft. UA prefers frequency over having a massive aircraft they need to fill.
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