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$!! What about our dosh!

If the A380 is supposed to bring savings, will the pax see reduced fares as a result?

Most of my friends and family when they come to visit me here in the UK from Oz choose generally on whats available on the day they want to travel and price. The most recent one choose Air Brunie as it was AUD$700 cheaper than BA/QF. Plus it took him 32 hours from take off to last landing (MilkRun!)!! My best time was 19 hours when because of storms we were delayed taking off, so at Singapore I just left one flight and straight onto my connecting flight to Brisbane. Airborn with 30 mins of touchdown! Fantastic! :-:

Would you pay a premium for the time saving if there was a direct LHR-SYD flght?

Would it make a difference on what was on board? I thought SA's A340 was billed as all premium economy? I wouldn't want to be in Y if it is as crowded as it looks (only done BA Y to Europe, J to Oz). WT+ maybe. On board entertainment would certainly have to match the Asian carriers to keep pax amused over such a long flight. The promises of showers and gyms, as great as they sound, won't be taken up by any airline I believe. (Showers maybe for F and at a pinch J).

How would the meal service work? A 19 hour flight would need at least 3 full meal services, and not the snacks and all day delis masquarading as meals on long haul.

How would the staffing work? More crew and a split shift? They won't be able to force people to sleep for 19 hours, no mater how warm they make the cabin feel!!
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