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Originally Posted by BrisbanePE
So the more you use the site the more problems you have.

I hope this is just your opinion of the site and not a reflection of how it was actually designed. Otherwise there is no hope at all for getting things fixed, as it won't be deemed to be broken.

Anyone ever heard of "novice mode" vs. "expert mode"? Sheeessh!
Lol everything I say is opinions only....but as a person currently working to get a computer Science Bachelors degree..you cant make a website for Experts only because the computer illiterate and most all beginners it would never be able to use it. So most websites try to cover all of the bases....There is a way in the Upgrade profile area though to change your skill level to show that you are an expert. When you do this it basically it shows what the current availability is in each Seat class when you search for flights(ie: M, H, T, B...). Hope that helps you some.
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