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Originally Posted by Guy Betsy
Uh... no SQ will not let you keep the First Class leather folder even if you ask nicely for it. The cabin crew in charge has to account each and every one of them. Now if you were to STEAL one.... that's a different matter. But the crew KNOWS who did it if one is missing.

This information is straight from the mouths of my SQ cabin crew friends.
Absolutely correct AFAIK. They have gotten much tougher on that one. If the FA's let you have the F menu leather binder then they will be held responsible for it by the IFS who again has someone else bugging him if the count doesn't come up as expected. Trust me, it's not a pretty scene from what I have been told (same source than Guy Betsy's).

Back to the glas topic. This again I think is not such a big deal for the crew as glasses break all the time. Just ask for one as a souvenir and I'm quite certain you will get one. But ask and don't steal it as there is really no reason for that.

Cheers ...
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