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I'm reviving this to post some important updates.
Since this matter was bothering me quite a bit I brought it up during a recent call I had to make for a different reason. The agent advised me to send my thoughts via e-mail, which I did. Just 1-2 days later I received a reply, that they had already looked at it and revised term 19, which now says nothing about any flight activity within 6 or however many months. However the term still appeared "hostile" to me (and some of the non-geek versions of that term as of this moment still do) so I wrote them again explaining how this new wording still left everything at Aegean's will and they did in fact already react to that as well and updated the Greek version of the term to pretty much reflect exactly what I suggested they wrote (it now states that Aegean reserves the right to cancel the together account, but only if the customer violates any of the -other- terms, so basically it is a kind of insurance that if you play by the rules you don't risk your together account and you don't need to fly to keep it more than 6 months (of course if you don't fly at all for 12 months it will obviously risk being closed due to a downgrade to blue, but then no miles will get deleted). They also told me they will work on updating the term in the other languages as well, in order to correspond to the latest Greek version. I think the English translation is already done, the same term in German includes a bunch of additional conditions, which seems quite odd, but anyway...
The way the term is now written in greek/english is one I'm OK with so I'll probably activate my own together account in the next days.
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