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Not sure I was expecting this today, but this seems to be the legislation which will replace the All Tiers 1-4 law we have been under since early December - we are currently all in Tier 4 with a few amendments from when it was added in mid December. This is just on a brief read through, and I have focused on things like travel rather than the intricacies of what businesses can open.

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps) (England) Regulations 2021
In force from 29 March

We will have Step 1 to 3 restrictions. As of 29 March all of England will be Step 1, but obviously there is scope for areas to be in different Steps eventually. Also "stay at home" is no longer - you will not need a reasonable excuse to leave home, frivolous reasons for leaving home are allowed!

Restrictions on leaving the UK
Applies for all areas regardless of Step designation.
England has not previously had an explicit restriction on leaving the country before, unlike Scotland which has had a restriction like this since November
No person can leave England to travel to a pace outside the UK unless they have a reasonable excuse.
The person must have a completed travel declaration form.
Reasonable excuses include where the destination is in the CTA (unless that is not the final destination), for work where it is not possible to work at a location within the UK, voluntary & charitable services, where they are present in the UK on a temporary basis and not resident in the UK, etc.
People exempt include the usual things like government service, road haulage, aircraft crew, and also transit passengers where they are passing through on to a place outside the CTA, or enter the UK for the sole purpose of continuing a journey to outside the CTA and remain at their port of entry to travel directly from entry port to departure port in England.

Step 1 restrictions
No gatherings indoors, except same/linked households, and no gatherings outdoors of more than 6 people. Usual exemptions apply e.g. work, education etc.
For outdoor gatherings that can be up to two households.
Restricted businesses.
Holiday accommodation business provision not allowed as now.

As far as I can see there is no restriction which says you should not be away from home overnight - this was something which was touted and had been in place before last June as we exited from lockdown 1 - but of course you are effectively restricted by not mixing households indoors and the restrictions on hotels etc. for holiday/leisure accommodation.

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