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Originally Posted by continentalclub View Post
No problem. The suggestion to look for dates when QR920 is operating is mostly for availability, but also because of journey time.

The latter has an angle on comfort, of course, but if thereís also a pre-departure PCR test requirement, this may be time limited to such an extent that lengthier routings may be impractical.

The further mention in your reply to exEU might also be a challenge in this regard; the timings might mean youíd need to be in (say) Stockholm long enough to take a PCR test and receive the result prior to departure from there.

Personally, I think that we could be moving towards a certified second vaccine dose and a negative pre-departure PCR test being a requirement for more than a few countries, and New Zealand could be one of those. Itís only a hunch, but I think that itís worth thinking about.
Yeah, good point on the PCR. I thought most places normally state it being related to the time starting your trip (rather than final arrival) - although if overnighting in Stockholm, I guess this could be needed from Stockholm itself.

We will definitely stay in the UK until we get both doses of the vaccine. It will be interesting to see if the testing on top of that is still required.
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