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Originally Posted by njvandy View Post
Thanks for everyone's advice. I took the voluntary downgrade to Y on the 2:05am flight. Keeping my fingers crossed for J availability to open up closer to departure.
i was on the exact same itinerary as you. jfk-doh-mle and have been checking hourly to see if qr would open up even 1 seat, i would have been fine with my wife sitting upfront. They did not open a single seat until day of departure. I was able to change to jfk-auh-mle on ey so i flew all in biz so dont have your hopes up. Look for alternatives imo if you want to fly all in j. That was 3 weeks ago so fairly recent, also resorts are full so i would expect them to be full. If you are after lounges the ey biz lounge at auh is superb, with amazing cook to order food, and amazing top shelf, so wont be disappointed, pretty close to qr lounges.
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