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ExpertFlyer - would you renew?

My EF subscription is up for renewal in a couple of weeks and I got a reminder recently via email. Overall I still love the service (so long as they keep the UI as it is now and they don't push that awful beta they tried to use). I'm still traveling weekly but since most flights are 9s across the board I don't really know if there's much use for EF right now. I don't find myself in situations of oversold flights, cancelled flights, etc. where I need to find another routing fast & easy. EF was great for that.

So, I'm just curious if you are or aren't renewing your subscription and what your reasons are.

PS - as mentioned above, if they bring back that awful beta layout I saw last year I will never renew my subscription. Since the beta came out in October I've been using the 'old' site and it still functions 100% perfectly.

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