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England further restrictions
with effect from 6 January
Amending legislation

This amends the existing All Tier law (see post 352 for a link to it) rather than being fresh new law starting from scratch which is what happened for lockdown 2. So basic principle is that lockdown 3 is tier 4 with all the same restrictions on leaving home without a reasonable excuse continuing to apply with some changes. These seem the significant changes to the Tier 4 restrictions:

- All of England is now Tier 4
- No longer able to leave home for the purposes of visiting a public outdoor place for the purposes of open air recreation or to visit outdoor attractions (aquarium, zoo etc.)
- Takeaway changes around drink, so can only serve alcohol for collection if ordered via website/online, phone, or post, and for collection outside the premises
- These now closed: aquariums and zoos, including safari parks; animal attractions at farms, wildlife centres and any other place where animals are exhibited to the public as an attraction; outdoor sportsgrounds and facilities, including outdoor gyms, sports courts, swimming pools, water sports, shooting and archery venues, golf courses, and driving ranges; retail travel agents

Things mentioned in the thread but not restricted in law
- There is no explicit time limit to how long you can go out to exercise or how many times per day
- There is no explicit geographical limit on outdoor exercise (unlike in Scotland see post 620 for details)
- Continues to be no explicit legal restriction on travel between areas in England, although all travel must be for the purpose which is a reasonable excuse
- There is still a broad umbrella of reasonableness for the above three of course which underpins the purposes for leaving home, so leaving home three time a day for exercise which involves driving 2 hours from your home could be argued not to be reasonable per se

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